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This compendium contains four beginning level adventures for players new to roleplaying or for those more experienced players searching for engaging adventures requiring little preparation. These adventures are designed for first through fourth level characters and use the rules established by the worlds greatest roleplaying game.


Each of the adventures provided is ready to deploy, including background information, non-player character and monster stats, maps, and other suggestions for the Game Master. They can be run individually, or in succession as part of a larger campaign.


The Mystic Blue Mountain Mines

This first level adventure begins in the Blue Mountains, where a quasi-religious sect called the Mystic Monks of the Order of Zathor are mining magical blue crystals. After being shanghaied and put to work in the mines, the characters will have to work together to escape.


Mysterious Disappearances in Harnsey Village

Over the last two weeks, the village of Harnsey has been plagued by the disappearances of several young locals. The Village Council has asked for help in protecting the village and discovering what has happened to their children.


Siege at Whitmore Abbey

The adventurers join up with a merchant caravan traveling toward the coast. While heading over a narrow mountain pass, the party becomes trapped and forced to stay at the old Whitmore Abbey for several days by a snowstorm. The party, along with the merchants and beer brewing monks, are besieged by waves of undead. They will need to defend the abbey and discover who or what is instigating these unprovoked attacks.


Raid on Layheath

Each fall a band of raiders comes to the small halfling community of Layheath demanding tribute in food for their protection.” However, between the Baron’s taxes and the summer drought, the villagers barely have enough to feed themselves. As a last resort, the villagers have pooled their savings to recruit some big folk to come and help them negotiate with the raiders.

Adventures in the Blue Mountains

SKU: 978-1-956277-02-9
  • "It is immediately apparent that the author of this adventure put a ton of meticulous work into this making it perfect for beginners. Yet, there is also a lot of room left for more advanced DM's to experiment and play with this creative and unique landscape. . . . Each adventure offers their own unique dynamics, and Chris Hanson's creative application of the greatest game's rules makes this more than just your standard dungeon crawl; but a complete and encapsulating experience."

    Rating: 5 Stars!

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