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Image of author Chris Hanson

Chris Hanson

Author of Adventures in the Mystic Blue Mountains and Surrounding Realms

Chris was first introduced to  the World's Greatest Role Playing Game in 1977 at a friend's house. He was already an avid science fiction reader and the transition to fantasy was easy. He discovered a roleplaying group that met every Saturday in the public library and started attending. He played for many years shifting from the original game to the advanced version and adding many other roleplaying games to the mix. He continues to play with his wife and adult children, having now migrated to the latest version of the World's Greatest Role Playing Game. While the role of Game Master has been primarily turned over to his youngest son, he continues to create one-shot adventures  to challenge and delight his players. He is grateful for the opportunity he has to indulge in fantasy and to share his adventures with others.

Front cover of Adventures in the Mystic Blue Mountains

Want to play Dungeons & Dragons but don’t want to shell out a lot of money until you have tried it out first? Wizards of the Coast (owners of D&D) provide a free set of rules to get you started. It doesn’t have all the pretty pictures and options of the full rules books, but it is free and a good place to start.


Here is the link to the free basic rules


I recommend that new players start with a group size of 3 to 5 (including the Dungeon Master/ Game Master).


As for characters to start with, I recommend the following 1st level characters:

Human Fighter

Dwarf Clerics

Halfling Rogues

High Elf Wizards


You can use the pre-generated characters sheets found on the D&D site linked below, or follow the rules to create your own.

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