“The children were screaming, as I picked them up in both arms and ran towards the doorway. I thrust them outside just as the burning roof collapsed on top of me.”


In book two, A Home in the Wilderness, Etienne and his family are trying to establish themselves in the untamed wilderness of Manhattan Island only to become embroiled in conflicts between Native inhabitants and newly arrived immigrants that lead to divided loyalties and threaten to endanger his family and friends. Etienne must find a way to prevent war in order to protect both his family and community, as well as his Native American friends and their tribe.


Etienne Gayneau settled New Harlem in 1663 with his family to build a new life in an untamed world. This is the story of one boy’s struggle to survive and protect those he loves.


Etienne Gayneau doesn’t understand why the native peoples and colonists can’t get along in this land of abundant resources and opportunity. As war erupts between his Old World religious community and his New World friends, Etienne must find a way to end the violence, while protecting those he loves on both sides of the dispute.


Etienne must learn to survive in this dangerous, exotic new world. He will learn new skills from his Native Americanfriends and establish new friendships a with old enemies. But just as everything seems to be going so well, conflict threatens to destroy it all! Will Etienne find a way to save his friends and fulfill his own destiny?


About the Author

Amanda M. Cetas recently retired after teaching high school history for fourteen years where she discovered that students, young and old, learn best through stories. She has been researching her family genealogy for three decades and finds inspiration for her historical fiction by showing how unknown people from various backgrounds impacted historical events and in turn how those events impacted the real people caught up in them.


Amanda lives in Tucson, Arizona for most of the year with her husband and two little Yorkie mixes. She escapes to the beach at Rocky Point, Mexico over every break in the school year and to the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon each summer. She has three grown children and three beautiful grandchildren.

A Home in the Wilderness

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