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Eric Hoffer Book Awards 2023 Finalist

Readers' Choice Book Awards 2023 Finalist

1st place, Children's Adventure & 1st place, Children's Illustrations, Firebird Book Awards, 4th Qtr 2023

Honorable Mention, Picture Books, Royal Dragonfly Awards 2023

Story Monster Approved Awards Finalist, 2024


Oscar once again makes a big splash when a newcomer moves in from across the pond. Find out if he sinks or swims as he tries to trap a tricky trout!


Everyone knows that trolls love to fish. But when a newcomer moves into the lake, Oscar tries to find a way to catch this tricky trout. A rivalry develops between the Oscar and Otto, until one day it goes too far. How could they ever overcome their differences? This is a story about overcoming differences and finding friendship in surprising ways.


About the Author

Nestled in the magical woods of Finland, on the edge of a large clear lake, a grandmother rocked back and forth in her antique rocking chair surrounded by her five clever grandchildren and told them stories about the fantastical trolls that lived nearby. Now, nine grandkids and five great-grandbabies later, her words have finally come back to life on the pages of her fun-filled tales of adventure, friendship, and just a touch of the magic that rests in the hearts of all children, young and old.

Oscar and Otto

SKU: 978-1-956277-08-1

Oscar the Troll Bundle

  • "The two wily characters, well depicted in both Cetas’ prose and Kose’s gentle cartoon illustrations, will have readers delighted that neither loses in the end."

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