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The Teacher Resources for Thrown to the Wind explores a time period often ignored and challenging to teach. Developed by author and long-time social studies teacher, Amanda M. Cetas, in partnership with writer, story consultant, and former English teacher, Adriana R. King, this invaluable resource provides ready-made lessons tied to National Standards to develop critical thinking skills essential for preparing students for college and future careers.


Students will learn to evaluate primary and secondary source texts, examine an event or circumstance from various perspectives, determine point-of-view, and develop habits of the mind and critical thinking skills through engaging activities, projects, and simulations. Additional ideas for teachers and grading rubrics are also included.


About the Authors:

Amanda M. Cetas retired in 2021 after teaching high school history for fourteen years where she discovered that students, young and old, learn best through stories. She has been researching her family genealogy for three decades and finds inspiration for her historical fiction by showing how unknown people from various backgrounds impacted historical events and in turn how those events impacted the real people caught up in them.


Adriana King has been passionate about the art of story telling her whole life, but it wasn’t until college in NYC that she discovered the depth and beauty of a story well-told. She also studied abroad at Oxford University. There she learned that every literary technique carries its own value in a story. After college, she spent three years as an English teacher where she provided individualized writing feedback and discovered that editing makes our minds stronger and our writing more intentional.

Teacher Resources for Thrown to the Wind

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